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Trail Horse Central is all about trail riding, trail horses, and what we all can do to enjoy the horses on the trail and performing obstacles. Rocky Mountain Horses are the horses of choice for our project.
This will be where you can come to ask questions regarding your horse. This will be where you can come to request a posting of your trail ride. The focus will be trail riding and trail horses. However, every good horse starts at birth training and progresses to training while still nursing its mother. Next, the round pen. Round penning is where our tail horses all learn respect and lots of other problems correct themselves.
Trail Horse Central will feature our friend's horses and the horses at Whispering Oaks Farm, LLC. There are many trail worthy horses regardless of breed. I will feature your horse on your trail ride. Contact me to work out details. I will also feature several of the horses at Whispeing Oaks Farm and tell you about them with pictorial essays and written descriptions. The horses at Whispering Oaks are registered in four breed registries. Rocky Mountain, American Gaited, Kentucky Mountain, and Mountain Pleasure breed associations, but not all are registered.
Trail Horse Central will be current with information about projects in progress. There will be news about ACTHA rides planned at Whispering Oaks Farm.  The next ACTHA ride at Whispering Oaks Farm is a two day ride planned for May 26 and 27. Each day will have over six miles of trail and six judged obstacles.


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Trail Horse Central will provide information for Mountain Horse news and events. You can come check here for a great place to ride your Rocky Mountain Horse, your Quarter Horse, Paint, or your trail horse of choice.

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Vickie and Allie
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